Enter Helen


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In 1965, Helen Gurley Brown, author of the groundbreaking Sex and the Single Girl, took over Cosmopolitan, revamping it into one of the most successful brands in the world. At a time when male magazine editors taught housewives how to make the perfect casserole, Helen reimagined Cosmo for the single-girl-next-door: a hard-working, sex-loving woman, who didn’t need to be married with kids to be happy.

Drawing from Helen’s writings as well as new interviews with former colleagues and friends, Brooke Hauser focuses on the legendary editor’s most transformative years at Cosmo, also giving glimpses of her journey from Arkansas. Though she was married, to Hollywood producer David Brown, no one embodied the idea of the Cosmo Girl more than Helen herself.

Set in New York City during the Sexual Revolution and the Women’s Movement, Enter Helen is the cinematic story of an icon who bucked convention, defined her own destiny, and became a controversial model for modern feminism, laying the groundwork for TV shows like Sex and the City and Girls.

She was the voice of a generation that both revered and rejected her, and “bad Feminist” or not, she got people talking—about sex, work, reproductive choices, and having it all—forever changing the conversation about women in America.